A couple of wanderers searching for summer, unique places and beautiful things.


In 2013 a silly idea turned into Rice and Shine. Originally in Milan, and now in Shanghai, we like to explore both near and far. We go wherever summer happens to be.


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Yun Chou

I was born and raised in Taiwan. I decided to open a blog after graduation to share our experiences of life and Italy. I have a heart that loves travel, I am proud to love white rice, and I hope you find our stories as beautiful as every morning’s sunrise.

Dzingai Giulio and Yun from Rice & Shine


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Dzingai Giulio Machingawuta

I am half Italian and half Zimbabwean but South African at heart. English is my mother tongue, but I am currently giving Chinese a go. I try to take great photos of my lovely girlfriend and our travels. If you don't find my jokes funny, I can always give you a picture instead.